Warlash: BIOBURDEN 1

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32 pages, full color
Age rating: General
Genre: Superhero
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Dimensions: 6.5x10 inches
Written by Frank Forte, Jovan Sekuloski, Riste Sekulowski
Illustrated by Frank Forte, Riste Sekulowski, Edu Menna
Cover Art by Homeros Gilani

Issue Synopsis:  

Warlash, an armored warrior of the apocalyptic future, is back. This issue gives us more tales of hardboiled science fiction crime noir. In “The Superiority Complex” by Jovan Sekuloski and Riste Sekulowski, Warlash gets word there is a new threat to Pittsburgh, a Cyborg who goes by the name of The Superior, and he’s about to prove his namesake.  And in “The Mega Fiend” Warlash is on the hunt for a mutating bio-weapon, what he finds is a beast beyond anyone’s imagination. Illustrated by Edu Menna. In “BioBurden”, written and Illustrated by Frank Forte, Warlash battles a creature who is the product of a genetic experiment gone bad. Is he good or evil? Warlash may not have time to find out, as the bio-creature spreads his contagion.