Voyage Anthology

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88 Pages, perfect bound softcover, full color
Part 1 of 2
Age rating: General
Dimensions: 6.69x10.25 Inches
Paper stock: 80# Gloss
Cover stock: Matte lamination
Cover price: $20
Illustrated by Zackary Marois, Steven Beard, Elena Morton, Jack French, Peter Clinton, Sam Wooliever, Ryusei Sawada, Steven Michadick and Curtis Dresser
Colored by Adam Quinones and Nich Caponi
Lettered by James Yusufi and José Fuentes
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Series Overview: 

Adventurer.  Dreamer. Romantic. Fool. Charlatan. Mercenary.

Depending on who you ask, people will give you different answers when you ask about the purple Kemetan namedSONDERON. Hailing from the Hellio-Delta Quadrant of the shattered planet Kemeta, Sonderon lived a mundane existence. The fates intervened and Sonderon was thrusted into an intergalactic struggle for a mythical artifact that, if in the hands of good, could unite the universe. However if this artifact fell into the hands of evil, the galaxy could be ripped asunder. Tasked with finding the pieces to this mythical artifact, and aided by his faithful chimera Sable, Sonderon boards the mighty starship HELIOS and sets out to fulfill his promise to unite his worldand the galaxy.

Issue Synopsis:

All he wanted was some peace and quiet on his starship, but when all hell breaks loose, everyones favorite extraterrestrial once again finds himself in the middle of the fray. Coping alone in the galaxy is hard enough. Now faced with taking down the infamously galactic Dixarian mob, trying to regain his mind and body from a wrathful parasite, and working with a hateful super powered earthling, this will be one week Sonderon will never forget!

Witness the collaborative efforts of 9 exceptional new artists as they take you on a journey beyond the realm of comprehension. Welcome to the epic that isVOYAGE

Climb on board and take a voyage to a brand new universe!- Jan Duursema

Congratulations to the entire voyage team for a fantastic 1st issue!- Tom Mandrake