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32 pages, stapled, black & white
12 Issue Mini-series
Age rating: Mature
Genre: Vampire, Fantasy, Horror
Cover price: $9.99
Dimensions: 6.5x10.25
Written by Frank Forte
Illustrated by Frank Forte
Cover Art by Frank Forte

Issue Synopsis:  

Angelika fights her way through the seedy underworld to find her killer. This leads her to confront the leather clad Vampire clan known as The Splatterpunks. In Castle V’aad, Lord V’aad has a series of prophetic visions that tell of his future conquest of the Earth, treason amongst his own clan and the indentity of the mysterious vampire messiah. The Cult of Ordon, who oppose V’aad and his legions, conduct a sacrifice and prepare their armies for all out war. Signed by writer/artist Frank Forte. Comes bagged and boarded with Certificate of Authenticity. First printing.