The Shapes 3

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24 Pages, stapled, full color, Zine Format
Age rating: Mature
Genre:  Humor
Cover price: $8
Written and Illustrated by Samuel Edme

Series Overview: 
The daily lives and mishaps of the happy-go-lucky Triangle Cone and a motley cast of friends and acquaintances.

Issue Synopsis:

In this third issue of The Shapes, the cast expands with more cachinnating antics and mishaps. Whether it's one of Kathy's harebrained schemes, Starr's mismanagement, or Triangle's goofy quips, there's always something going on in Shap City, Shap Island.

“Amazing, very funny cartooning by Edme, a completely unique visual world created before your eyes. 'The Shapes' that bring you these gags may look silly and harmless, but the jokes hit very hard, and the lines themselves, upon closer inspection, are sharp as a tack.” -Austin English

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