The Shapes 2

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24 Pages, stapled, full color, Zine Format
Age rating: Mature
Genre:  Humor
Cover price: $8
Written and Illustrated by Samuel Edme

Series Overview: 
The daily lives and mishaps of the happy-go-lucky Triangle Cone and a motley cast of friends and acquaintances.

Issue Synopsis:

The Shapes are back for another issue of fun and mishap in the first-ever storyline!

Disgruntled with Kidz Bop’s music, Starr devises a plan to take down the label using his daughter Midae. Friendships, conflicts, tensions, and more hullabalooensue from there!

“The characters even in their simple form convey all the correct emotions that match the words they are expressing. Which is part of the battle to get the story to move along.” -Indie Comix Dispatch

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