The Oswald Chronicles 1

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32 Pages, stapled, fc
Age rating: All-Ages
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Written by JD Calderon
Illustrated by Jade Gonzalez
Colored by David Montoya

Series Overview:
The Oswald Chronicles, asks the question, "What would happen if the greatest sorcerer of our time was born in the body of a mouse?" Oswald is a daring mouse who’s looking for the meaning of his life and why he’s the only one of his kind who can speak. Living on Park Avenue in New York City Oswald finds himself the center of controversy amongst fae, Kalsions, Grogs, and the many other races that live alongside man. As Oswald grows he learns of the dark power that wishes to consume our world and how he’s the one tasked with stopping it.

Issue Synopsis:
A mouse finds himself enjoying late night television and the company of Sally a sickly girl who befriends this odd little mouse she names, Oswald. Oswald finds he’s the only one of his kind who can speak and this leaves him alone and confused. Sally is ill and Oswald discovers that there are strange creatures visiting her at night, are they the cause of the illness, what can Oswald do to stop them?