The Manna Chronicles 1

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28 Pages, stapled, full color
Ongoing Series
Age rating: General
Genre: Fantasy, Superhero
Dimensions: 7x10.5 Inches
Paper stock: 80#
Cover stock: 100#
Cover price: $4.99
Creative Team: Antoine Sandoval, Ian Fults, Marie Kerns, Tiffany Lei, Alicelyn Bryan Fransico

Series Overview: 
THE MANNA CHRONICLES is an epic tale of a lone elven warrior, Aristar, who thrusts Earth into a quest to save it from dark forces. Nick Sampson and Sandra Wannamaker join Aristar as she explores the earth in search of MANNA, see friendships torn apart by tragedy, and heroes reunited in a common goal to stop THE DARK MAGE from destroying two worlds.

Issue Synopsis:
Nick Sampson and Sandra Wannamaker begin a quest to save two worlds when  a Elven Warrior arrives on Earth. The meeting does not go well, and the elf disappears into the City. As the elf explores New York City, she discovers the Earth is covered in MANNA. Attacked by more humans, the elf realises she can’t explore this world alone and hunts down Nick and Sandra, trying to ask for help. But unknown to her, THE DARK MAGE has sent his minion THE LICH to find the elf, and destroy her.


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