Spider Web

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70 Pages, hardcover, black & white, standalone
Age rating: Mature
Dimensions: 6 5/8 x 10 1/4
Cover price: $12
Written and Illustrated by: Geoff Mosse
Lettered and Production by Patrick Hernandez (Patricio Hdz)

Series Overview: 

Leonard Spencer was a successful and respected private detective on his way up in the world until the night he was murdered. His death brings about a cascade of events over the course of decades that no one could foresee, especially to those investigating and possibly involved in his murder.

Issue Synopsis:
Murder cases are easy to solve. Why is that? Because people are simple and do predictable things. And what motivates someone to become a killer? There are only 3 things or some combination thereof: Money, sex or revenge. So how is it that the murder of private detective Leonard Spencer in the spring of 1988 has never seen any suspects prosecuted or incarcerated? Because when police corruption runs deep it becomes hard to flush out. When business partners are deeply intertwined with a bent thin blue line, walls go up that do not easily come down. And when media moguls and their corporations benefit, well; you can fight city hall but business must go on.