Sentries 3

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28 Pages, stapled, full color
Issue 3, released bi-monthly
Age rating: Mature
Genres: Super hero, adventure, horror,action, supernatural, drama
Dimensions: 6.69x10.25 Inches
Cover Stock: 80#
Interior Stock: 80#
Cover price: $3.99
Created by the Jacobsen Brothers
Written by Rod Jacobsen, Revor Sanders and Dan DeMille
Illustrated by Rod Jacobsen
Lettered by Brian DeMille
Edited/Clean-ups by Dan DeMille

Series Overview: 

Years ago the predecessors to the Sentries caused the destruction of an entire city.  The Sentries are a group of heroes attempting to save the world while also redeeming the image of being a hero.

Issue Synopsis:
While two senators debate on national television the pros and cons of America’s current laws and attitudes towards Alpha-Omegas, nearly 17 years after the Silver Coast City Holocaust, rogue American agents meet with a terrorist faction in the ruins of Coast City to traffic a blindfolded Alpha-Omega woman. The rogue agent explains that the woman’s power allows her to mimic or enhance the abilities of any Alpha-Omega. As the transaction commences, Black Wolf kills various terrorist guards and infiltrates the buy. When he is in close proximity of the woman, she is able to mimic his powers. Together, they make quick work of her captors. Black Wolf leaves one of the terrorists alive to spread the message to his boss, Marlos, that Black Wolf is coming for him. Meanwhile, the Sentries, Hector, Bastian and Bailey, thwart the plans of Ugarian mercenaries in various engineered super suits from stealing technology from Sentry Industries. Later, Black Wolf as Curt Warner and the Alpha-Omega woman meet with Michael Chan to discuss the woman’s future. The three agree that she’d be safer with Chan and the Sentries,  rather than trying to fend for herself without support. The terrorist that Black Wolf let go delivers Black Wolf’s message to Maralos. Leaving a “message” of his own for Black Wolf, Maralos instructs Sato to decapitate the terrorist.

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