Rabbit’s Badass Song 1

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28 Pages, stapled, black & white
Issue 1
Age rating: Mature
Genre: Horror, Superhero, vigilante
Dimensions: 6.625x10.25 Inches
Paper Stock: 80# interior, 80# gloss coat covers
Cover price: $4.99
Written by Christopher Elston and Chassity Lassiter
Illustrated by Halil Mete

Series Overview: 
Rabbits Badass Song tells the story of Jimmy Mason, an African American born in the heart of Mississippi to a well-respected Madame, and Irene Honeycut, a red-head with a fiery temper. After Jimmy fights back against one of the towns controlling oppressors and a member of the Good Boys, the Boys get together to murder Jimmy and his mother. Jimmy is left to die, hanging from a tree, when hes rescued by a man that will change his life. For ten years, he and Irene train and wait. The events of that night haunt him and change himinto the Rabbit. Rabbit and Irene, now known as Snow Bunny, return to Lightfield, Mississippi to take their revenge on the Good Boys. But this is just the beginning of Rabbits plan and story!

Issue Synopsis:
Jimmy Mason, an African American born in the heart of Mississippi to a respectable Madame, is on a journey to find revenge on the men who murdered his mother and left him to die, the Good Boys. Jimmy takes on the persona of Rabbit, an anti-hero inspired by an old American cartoon character based on racial stereotypes. By his side is Irene Honeycut, Snow Bunny, who has been with Rabbit since childhood. Together, theyre a mercenary team, but the time has come for them to get back to their roots.

-A gory, gritty, southern tale of revenge served like a hot plate of fried chicken