Pet Human

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140 Pages, perfect bound softcover, full color
Age rating: Mature
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi
Dimensions: 6.625 x 10.25
Paper stock: 80 lb. Gloss
Cover stock: 110 lb. Gloss
Cover price: $25
Created by David Guy Levy
Written by David Guy Levy and Steffen Schlachtenhaufen
Illustrated by Alex Heywood


Issue Synopsis:

This is the story of Buster, a pet human who was adopted to a loving couple named Blorg and Pruni. He may not know much, such as how the world he lives in works or why things are the way they are, but he knows one thing for sure: he's safe and he is loved.

Buster lives his day-to-day life in their care, struggling to find his place and learning to follow the rules in his new home. Every day presents a world of curiosity and wonder as he develops a loving bond with his alien caretakers. Only with time will he be able to appreciate the home he's been adopted into, and be able to give back the unconditional love his family bestows upon him.