Malevolent Rising 1

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22 Pages, stapled, full color
Issue 1 of a 6 issue mini-series
Age rating: General
Dimensions: 7x10.5 Inches
Cover price: $4.99
Written, illustrated and cover by Branden Sanderson
Colored By Katie Imbro
Cover colored by Lee Breismeister

Series Overview: 
Malevolent Rising tells the story of an alien whose world has been subjugated by an intergalactic empire known as The Sovereignty.  Over the centuries, his people have been improved through cybernetic implants, chemicals and experiments in order to become the ultimate soldier, worker or whatever the empire requires.  But the process removed all traces of free will.  But one breaks free of their programming and uses all the powers given to him to fight and escape!

Issue Synopsis:

An alien breaks free of his captors and goes on a brutal rampage and escapes to Earth.  Once on Earth, he encounters a shadowy organization, called Amakech that knows about life on other worlds and will stop at nothing to capture the alien.  Meanwhile, Alex Keene and her friend Cassandra Bryson are working in secret to expose Amatech.  Their paths will cross with the alien visitor, but will he ultimately be friend or foe?

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