Maiden in Disguise: New Game Volume 1

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118 Pages, perfect bound, full color
Volume 1 of an ongoing series, released annually
Age rating: General
Genres: Manga / School Life, Romance, isekai, coming of age, gaming
Dimensions: 6x9 Inches
Cover price: $25.00
Creative Team: Bitsy Tandem, Aaron Tandem, Eotera Entertainment LLC, iiisekai Production Studios

Series Overview: 
On the planet Eotera . . . An MMORPG has gained massive popularity, propelling many of its key players to stardom. But, it’s #1 character,
the world-famous icon Elrynd Aggronar, has never revealed his true identity. That is until Elianna Adelaide, no longer satisfied living in the shadow
of her own digital alter ego, reveals herself to the world the day before she starts high school. But, with everyone confusing her for the hyper-masculine in-game character she plays, how will they react when they learn who she truly is?

Issue Synopsis:
Following 2 characters in two very different worlds. One is the young Maiden, Elianna, who lives in the World of Eotera! Equally important as our maiden, is her Disguise. Erlynd Aggronar, the world-famous video game character whom she role-plays during live streams. Elrynd and his "worlds" are the other half of this 2-part show. He lives in the Luminarion, a magical solar system within the digital realms of Eotera.
Elianna has always changed her voice and personality to stream seamlessly, making it seem as if the game itself is alive. And, ever since winning the Summer Tournament of 1813, all of Eotera has been in an uproar after learning the famed Elrynd Aggronar is just a kid.