Lost Magic Season 1

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28 Pages, stapled, full color
Part 1 in a 6 issue mini-series, released quarterly
Age rating: Mature
Genre: fantasy/ horror
Paper stock: 60# uncoated white
Cover stock: 60# uncoated white
Cover price: $5.00
Creative team: Arman Nasim, Martin Munoz, Michael Woods, Eilzaveta Vikotrova

Series Overview: 
What if I told you all the stories you’ve ever heard of monsters are real? They just belong to another world - inexplicably connected to Earth.  Every now and then, a portal opens allowing their inhabitants to cross over.  This story resides in this lost world. At a time when magic is dying. No one knows why. Heroes of all ages must solve this mystery amongst the stars.

Issue Synopsis:
A King rises to build the first civilization. One without magic.  A Rebellion looms to keep the chaos and power the way it’s always been. Decisions are all we have. Which side will you join?
Lost Magic Season 1 is made up of 6 episodes -each told through a new character's POV -setting the stage for an epic that'll open the reader's eyes and hearts to the magic of the lost universe.


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