K.O.G.S (Keeper of the Gates) 3

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28 Pages, stapled, full color
Issue 3, released bi-monthly
Age rating: Mature
Genres: Horror, action, military, supernatural, drama
Dimensions: 6.69x10.25 Inches
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Interior Stock: 80#
Cover price: $3.99
Written by Dan DeMille and Lee A. Gooden
Pencils, Inks, Coloring and Lettering by Dan DeMille

Series Overview: 

K.O.G.S (Keeper Of The Gates) is a specialized military group chosen from all branches of the armed services to protect the world from supernatural threats ranging from vampires to elder gods.


Issue Synopsis:

“Until My Darkness Goes” Part 1 After Kahilda Saruk, the Immortal Witch of the East Wind’s defeat, KOGS member Badger apparently dies while battling her. Remaining members of the KOGS deal with Badger’s supposed death in their own various ways. Josh “Chief” Trath’s guilt over the deaths of his friends, family and enemies manifests as a confrontation with his “inner beast" in his nightmares. Fire Fox’s grief over Badger and her own self-loathing from traumatic events in her childhood, cause her to pick a fight with a biker gang. Later, the KOGS team are systematically attacked in random places by Lamprey eel like creatures that amplify their negative emotions. Elsewhere, Badger wakes up from his “death” in what appears to be the Japanese version of Hell.

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