Intrusive Thoughts 1

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28 Pages, stapled, full color
Part 1 in a 5 issue mini-series, released quarterly
Age rating: Mature
Genre: Horror
Dimensions: 5.625x10.25 inches
Paper stock: 80# coated text
Cover stock: 80# gloss cover card stock
Cover price: $5
Written by Anthony Stokes
Illustrated by D.N.S.
Lettered by Mira Mortal

Series Overview: 
Intrusive Thoughts is a six issue horror series that explores themes of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Fans of smart, cerebral horror or atmospheric thrillers will love Intrusive Thoughts.

Issue Synopsis:
At 3 years old, Tyler was abandoned on the steps of a police station. Now, at age 16, he's prone to migraines, night terrors, & sleep paralysis. His mental health becomes even more strained when his sleep paralysis demon bites one of his classmates.




"This debut issue isn’t Stokes knocking on the door of the comics industry – it’s Stokes kicking down the door, sitting in the big chair, and telling the gatekeepers that he prefers his beverages chilled.” - Pat Shand, Destiny, NY

"Intrusive Thoughts delicately plays with your heartstrings before ripping them out of your chest, wrapping them around your neck, and dragging you through its pages." - Blake, Blake's Buzz

"The concept swirls as the art deftly chooses when to let you in. The reading mirrors the journey of the character so you at once feel like an observer and part if the story. In this way, I have never read a book that better encapsulates the feeling of being pulled from a dream." Richard Fairgray, Haunted Hill

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