Future Sci-Fi Tales: Spatial Void 1

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74 Pages, perfect bound soft cover, full color
Age rating: Mature
Genre: Science Fiction
Dimensions: 6.625 x 10.25 inches
Paper stock: 60# Uncoated white
Cover stock: 80# Gloss cover
Cover price: $13.95
Creative Team:  Nathan & Stacie Pinsoneault, Matt Kund, Noah Ray, Ben O'Grady, David Monge Bautista, LJ Phillips, Brian Judge, Joe Rodri, Drew D. Lenhart, Hernan Molina

Series Overview: 
Future Sci-Fi Tales is an anthology featuring up and coming indie creators with a passion for science fiction.

Issue Synopsis:
Six creative teams, six mind blowing sci-fi tales. Read about galactic mercenaries, forbidden love, mechs, mighty planet protectors, aliens, and more!

Rygor, the deadliest mercenary known in the Galaxies, races towards a cosmic secret he is willing to kill for. 

WHERE 4 R U, imagine the star crossed lovers of West Side Story. Now, take away the singing and transport them back to 16th Century Italy. Then throw them into the far future during an intergalactic feud and add some mechs.

Twin Clones Mecha
a far future sci-fi tale about two sisters trying to escape across a barren wasteland from a slavering monster horde.

Ro-Bar, Earth’s final protector, faces off against a mutant invader from the stars in the ultimate battle for all of mankind!

The Suite Made It to Europa
, a space investigator interrogates a soldier on the way to a horrific crime scene while on the moon of Europa.

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