Fangs & Foul Play 2

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28 Pages, stapled, full color
Age rating: General
Paper stock: 80# Satin
Cover stock: 100# Gloss Laminate
Cover price: $6
Genre: Horror/fantasy
Written by L. K. Ingino 
Illustrated by Alex Guenther
Colored by Mariam Yasser, Ilaria Fella
Lettered by Joel Rodriguez
Edited by Chuck Pineau

Series Overview: 
A telepathic vampiric cat, Fang, in a Victorian town just wants to eat! Meanwhile, a conflicted ex-colonel just wants to do the right thing, what happens when he becomes enthralled to Fang? Find out in Fangs and Foul Play.

Issue Synopsis:
After days of running from the war front, Richard, a colonel who deserted the war due to his conscience, finds himself in a new town, Bludville, and is immediately enthralled as a servant to a vampiric cat, Fang.

The evil, sarcastic Fang forces Richard to find him humans to feed on. Poor Richard can’t get away from villains asking him to do horrible things!In Fangs & Foul Play Issue 2, the bodies are piling up and people are starting to notice! The constable is on the search for the missing men; meanwhile, Richard is getting fed up with Fang bossing him around, but can't figure out how to escape Fang's grasp. Will Richard be able to keep Fang away from the lovely Delilah and find a way to break his enthrallment? Will the constable figure out who the killer is? And who is searching for Richard at the Dansforth's annual party?