Exciting Comics 34

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40 Pages, stapled, full color
Age rating: General
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Written by Various
Illustrated by Various
Cover Art by Guillermo Romano


Series Overview: 
For the first time in over 70 years, Exciting Comics returns to stores! In this premiere title, Antarctic Press introduces the Superverse, a new shared universe that combines classic public domain characters such as Black Terror and the Heap with a host of new, original heroes!

Issue Synopsis:
"The Golden Age" (Pedro Belushi, Jose Antonio Rubio, Carlos Sherpa, Cesar Acevedo, Juan Alarcon, Caesar, Guillo-O, DaniZar, Ruben Davila, Sebastian Luque, Sergio Martinez ,Guillermo Romano, Jennifer Rubio, Sergio Desanctis): In an alternate 1940s, inventor Thomas Edison unleashes a robotic menace to destroy his nemesis, Nikola Tesla, along with Tesla's inventions.  To face this threat, a group of superheroes come together: Arrow, Black Terror, Frankenstein's creature, Masquerade, and Black Venus!   "The Alternate: Charlie Hodged" (Jeff Winstead, Alex Greychuck): The heroes of two generations gather to pay their respects to a fallen comrade.  Meanwhile, Mettle and Metalman finally face the reality of coexisting on the same Earth. Plus-head-spinning secrets are revealed as we delve into the origins of the members of the Association!