Elixir 1

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32 Pages, stapled, full color
Part 1 in a 6 issue mini-series, released biannually
Age rating: Mature
Genre: fantasy/ horror
Paper stock: 60# uncoated white
Cover stock: 60# uncoated white
Cover price: $5.99
Creative team: Arman Nasim, Pak Kwan, Rain Beredo

Series Overview: 
A legendary monster hunter meets a newly born embodiment of Death. This becomes his greatest hunt.

Issue Synopsis:
Syrus is angry at the world-- at his place in it. To Syrus, the original forces of the universe are monsters. And they need to be hunted. Extinguished. We are not weak in the face of oblivion. Syrus (and his quest) represents humanity's strength --and it's unwavering yearn for answers and justice.


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