Decay 2

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24 Pages, stapled, full color
Part 2 in a 5 issue mini-series, released quarterly
Age rating: Mature
Genre: Horror
Dimensions: 5.625x10.25 inches
Paper stock: 60# uncoated text
Cover stock: 80# gloss cover card stock
Cover price: $5
Written by Anthony Stokes
Illustrated by Marcelo Oliverio
Lettered by Es Kay

Series Overview: 
Jess and DK only have each other and their friend Marcus after their parents died in Hurricane Katrina. DK is killed at house party by Tre, a local thug. Jess brings him back using voo doo. After a briefly present reunion DK goes on a murderous rampage for revenge. Jess may be the only one who can stop DK from self-destructing and taking her down with him.

Issue Synopsis:
Jess brings her brother DK back from the dead when he gets shot at a house party but after he starts a murderous rampage for revenge she may come to regret that decision.


"Decay manages to introduce compelling characters with a premise that pulls you in and refuses to leg go in the span of one heart pounding issue. And I for one can't wait to read more!" - @anas_abdulhak, Eleutheromania

"If revenge is a dish best served cold, Decay by Anthony Stokes is a that served up in this blend of payback and mysterious forces. It’s John Wick from Beyond the Grave!" - Noah Ray, Constructing Comics

"Anthony Stokes and Marc Oliver return with their next installment of the Decay series.  Stokes’ shows his prowess as a writer by intentionally letting the visuals tell the story when words aren’t necessary yet again. I couldn't read this story fast enough and you won't be able to either. - Jeff Michael Miller, Kid Cretaceous

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