Wren 1

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24 Pages, stapled, full color
Issue 1 of a 4 issue limited series, released quarterly
Age rating: General
Genre: Historical Fiction
Dimensions: 6.69x10.25 Inches
Cover price: $4.99
Written, illustrated and lettered by Peter Taylor
Colored by Mariam Yasser

Series Overview: 

What if the Great Fire of London was no accident?

Issue Synopsis:

1666, London is in thrall of the plague. Locked down, no-one enters or leaves the city and Plague Doctors roam the streets.
General George Monck enlists the fledgling Royal Society to fight the pestilence consuming the city, but angered by lack of progress announces a military plan to BURN the worst affected areas of the city! The society are horrified, except perhaps … Christopher Wren!