K.O.G.S (Keeper of the Gates) 2

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28 Pages, stapled, full color
Issue 2, released bi-monthly
Age rating: Mature
Genres: Horror, action, military, supernatural, drama
Dimensions: 6.69x10.25 Inches
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Interior Stock: 80#
Cover price: $3.99
Created and Written by Dan DeMille and Rod Jacobsen
Pencils, Inks, Coloring and Lettering by Dan DeMille

Series Overview: 

K.O.G.S (Keeper Of The Gates) is a specialized military group chosen from all branches of the armed services to protect the world from supernatural threats ranging from vampires to elder gods.


Issue Synopsis:

Using the air as a weapon against them, the KOGS learn that their supernatural opponent is Kahlida Saruk, immortal witch of the East Wind. Taking refuge from her in a mosque, they find a hidden chamber that contains the magically sealed tomb of the witch’s lover, Abd al-Uzza, High priest to the God King of Persia. Unbeknownst to the KOGS, Kahilda manipulates them to lead her to the tomb. She summons more demons to free her love and destroy the KOGS. She finds that the KOGS are hard to kill. Working as a team, they defeat the demons and entrap the witch in a mystic mirror blade, but not without a casualty.

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