Chronicles of Van Helsing: Blood Will Out

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32 Pages, stapled, full color
One-Shot (Part of Chronicles of Van Helsing series)
Age rating: Mature
Dimensions: 6.69x10.23 Inches
Paper stock: 70# Text Satin
Cover stock: 80# Cover Gloss
Cover price: $3.99
Written, Illustrated and Lettered by Tony Morgan

Series Overview: 
The Van Helsings versus all of vampire kind.  The world’s oldest blood feud.
This series follows the Van Helsing clan throughout history as they wage a never ending, bloody 
war against blood sucking monstrosities.
In the present day all that remains of the Van Helsing clan are twin brothers, Robert and Ezequil.  
But Ezequil has become a vampire, leaving Robert as the only slayer left in the family.  Can Robert 
fulfill his family’s legacy before the Van Helsing clan becomes extinct?

Issue Synopsis:
Blood Will Out is a horror western tale set in the Chronicles of Van Helsing world. It stars Jeanie Marie, matriarch of the Van Helsing clan (and hero of issue one), as a young girl. Following a string of cattle mutilations, Jeanie’s father, brothers, and local ranchers form a party to find out who has been feeding on their cattle. They fear the source to be supernatural. Jeanie, frustrated at being left behind and compelled by dreams and visions, sneaks out of her house and into the woods, armed with an old rifle and a machete.
Soon she encounters a pair of shape shifting were-creatures, and is forced to do battle against a much stronger foe. Meanwhile, the hunting party has tracked a larger band of the creatures into an underground cavern, and is now trapped and outnumbered.