Chronicles of Van Helsing 4

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16 Pages, stapled, black & white
Issue 4
Age rating: Mature
Dimensions: 6.69x10.23 Inches
Cover price: $3.00
Written and lettered by Adam Watson
Illustrated by Stefano Cardoselli
Cover illustration by Tony Morgan
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Series Overview: 
The Van Helsings versus all of vampire kind.  The world’s oldest blood feud.
This series follows the Van Helsing clan throughout history as they wage a never ending, bloody 
war against blood sucking monstrosities.
In the present day all that remains of the Van Helsing clan are twin brothers, Robert and Ezequil.  
But Ezequil has become a vampire, leaving Robert as the only slayer left in the family.  Can Robert 
fulfill his family’s legacy before the Van Helsing clan becomes extinct?

Issue Synopsis:
Ezequil finds himself a captive of a clan of vampires lead by Warren.  What hope for survival can a Van Helsing have when in the midst of these blood sucking monstrosities?