Catbeard The Pirate Volume 5: Poopdecks & Pawprints (New Edition)

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120 pages, softcover graphic novel, black and white
Volume 5 in a 7 volume series
Age rating: All-ages
Dimensions: 6x9 inches
Cover price: $15
Written and illustrated by Matt Nelson

Series Overview: 
What happens when a nasty pirate falls afoul of a voodoo sea crone? He gets cursed with a living cat for a beard, of course! Follow the day-to-day adventures of the scurrilous pirate captain, Catbeard, and see how he deals with monsters, ghosts, treasure hunts -- and litterbox changing!

Issue Synopsis:

The crew must do battle for a clue to Skeen's treasure.  Did we mention that the battle takes place in a floating colosseum run by two mad pirate captains who believe themselves to be the reincarnations of Romulus and Remus?!  Catbeard will have to use his wits and his beard to prevent New Rome from taking over the entire ocean!  And a crewmember's dark secret will finally be revealed.  Will it tear the group apart?

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