Buttercup: Remembrance 1

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Pages, stapled, partial color
Age rating: General
Genre: Science Fiction
Cover price: $5.99
Written by McKay Wadsworth
Illustrated by Kristin Tingey
Original Concept Art by Chelsea Watts
Edited by Jacob Stokes

Series Overview: 
Earth has been destroyed. Humanity is no more. Relics of the destroyed world are all that’s left in the wake of humanity’s extinction. These relics are held at high value, especially to those who worshiped and revered humanity.Buttercup of the Plague has been sent by her kind to find and retrieve these holy relics wherever they can be found. Her journey to find Earth relics changes drastically when she discovers a hidden secret. This hidden secret may not only redeem Buttercup’s people for their failure to protect the humans but may also redeem Buttercup herself.

Issue Synopsis:
Buttercup has been sent by the Bastion council to retrieve a human relic aboard the Archulus Station. The station is home to charlatans, gangsters, and devious crime lord, Zall. The council has advised Buttercup to discuss terms of payment for the holy artifact. Buttercup, however, has a foreboding feeling that discussions with the crime lord may be cut short.


“Fantastic story and phenomenal art; an absolute pleasure. Recommended read of the month!” -@comic_bros_

“Buttercup: Remembrance is a stylish, punchy space opera offering.”


“Buttercup:  Remembrance is a really enjoyable read with some serious promise.”



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