Blood Maid Volume 1

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164 Pages, perfect bound, black & white
Age rating: General
Dimensions: 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches
Paper stock: 60# White
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Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Vampire
Written and illustrated by Krystinn Earnest
Edited by Dustyn Shores

Series Overview: 
Dive into a world ruled by vampires, where humans serve under their masters as servants known as Blood Maids. Follow the life of Ezta, a young maiden specially bred to create and maintain an overabundance of blood to help feed the Vampire Masters of her mansion. Serving the Queen Elect, Alina, Ezta is enslaved to her every beck and call.
With civil unrest rising and tensions mounting, it’s only a matter of time before the world changes. Peer into the world of Kelniva, a place unlike your own world, and discover a fantasy filled with blood, romance, and drama.

Issue Synopsis:
Blood Maid is a series that follows the stories of humans under servitude to the Vampire Matriarchy of Kelniva. Mainly focusing on Ezta Milrano, a human who was specifically bred to feed her vampiric masters, she witnesses the world changing around her as civil unrest arises and uncertainty within the matriarchy begins to set in.
Within the first volume of Blood Maid the stage is set, showing Alina’s mansion’s dynamic as drama unfolds within its walls as well as in the town it resides in. From the punishment of Karina to the potential plotting of escape, the entire mansion is soon thrown into chaos as an unwelcome hostile visitor makes their presence clearly known.

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