Billy Boy 1 Signed Edition

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32 Pages, stapled, black and white
3 Issue Mini-Series
Age rating: Mature
Genre: Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy
Dimensions: 6.5x10 Inches
Cover price: $9.99
Written by Frank Forte
Illustrated by Frank Forte
Cover Art By Frank Forte

Issue Synopsis:  

Billy Boy The Sick Little Fat Kid is a journey into the insane mind of a young overweight kid and his adventures within his sick and twisted world. Done in a style of classic cartoons from the Fleischer and Warner Brothers studios, Billy Boy rendered in a very cinematic and 'cartoony' style. This issue: In "Slingshot Madness," Billy gets into some trouble when he and Teddy shoot up Old Mrs. Pine's house with their brand new wrist rocket. In "Swamp Jitters," Billy is on the run from a giant spindly insect. And finally, in "Bad Charm Bill," our pudgy star gets caught up in the black arts... and it doesn't end with a smile! Signed by creator Frank Forte with COA. Comes bagged and boarded.