47 Furious Tails 3

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20 Pages, stapled, full color
Part 3 in a 12 issue mini-series, released quarterly
Age rating: General
Dimensions: 6x9 inches
Paper stock: 80# Satin
Cover stock: 130# satin soft touch
Cover price: $5
Written by W.S. ‘Sam’ Quinton
Cover, interior illustrations and editing by Alexia Veldhuisen
Additional colors and color assistance by Nick Caponi, Dakota Urhahn & Zackary Marois
Additional interior illustration by Adelia Gunderson
Lettering by Brian Lee

Series Overview: 
From the pages of Japan’s history comes the story of the 47 Ronin, told anew through anthropomorphic animals.  Corruption leads to plots against the Daimyo of Ako and gives rise furious samurai action!

Issue Synopsis:
Yoshio leads the samurai of Ako against the brutal bandits of the Grey Wolf while Lord Asano makes his final, fateful voyage to Edo. All is not ceremony and sake, for the life of the samurai is one steeped in war and death, honor and duty. Issue three takes us on an action-packed thrill ride as Asano's samurai take on the Grey Wolf bandits in the battle at Furukawa!

-Fans of Akira Kurosawa films, Japanese history, martial arts, and classic samurai stories love 47 Furious Tails! The story of the 47 Ronin lives again.